Copper Powder

Our company is in a position to offer copper powder with all the certificates available.

Copper Isotopes 99,9991% 

Name of the product : Copper Powder Isotope; chemical cleanliness – 99,9991%.
The isotopic composition of this sample is that of natural copper: 63Cu 69,1% 65Cu 30,9%
The material is not radioactive.
Detailed chemical parameters attached.
Origin Country: Russia
Quantity: a consignment of 500 kgs.
Specifications of the subject product: Certificates of IGAS Goslar German.
Packing: Boxes, each box with 20 bottles
The Place Of Loading: IGAS Goslar Germany.
Terms Of Delivery: within 24 hours after receipt of money to the settlement account of firm.
Inspection: The goods corresponds to the declared quality.
Terms Of Payment: in coordination
Price: FOB Goslar, Germany, If you are interested in purchasing please send us your enquiry.